Saying “Isis” in Egyptian—Updated


This is a revised and updated version of how to pronounce Isis’ name in Her native tongue. The original post was getting a little long in the tooth and needed updating. The explanation is easier to understand and more complete now. Never stop learning 😉

Until recently, with the advent of Kemeticism, the name of Egypt’s Great Goddess Isis was almost invariably pronounced “Eye-sis.” That’s the Anglicized version of what the ancient Greeks called Her: Ἶσις (Ee-siss). For the sake of familiarity, that’s the version I still generally use in this blog. But when I want to go full Egyptian, I represent Her name as Iset. Here’s why:

These are the most common hieroglyphs for Isis’ name in Egyptian.

In Egyptian, Isis’ name was most often spelled with the hieroglyphs throne, semi-circle (also called bread loaf), Goddess, although during the thousands of years of Her worship there were a number of variant…

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