3 thoughts on “This New York Daily News interview was pretty close to a disaster for Bernie Sanders

  1. LOL – I’ve been waiting for him to really get pushed in interviews. He did the same flailing during the MSNBC interview…his redundancy and repetitiveness are beyond tiresome for me.
    He reminds me of one of those late-night info-mercial guys who has to punctuate each selling point with a dramatic gesture. He’s doing nothing but selling talking points and buzz-words, and for some reason, people are buying it.
    He is a DINO, IMHO…he keeps saying that “the Democratic Party has lots of work to do.” Um, okay…and the Republican Party doesn’t?!?

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      • The misogynistic attacks on her are tiresome, and the bullshit “I don’t trust her” excuses are loathsome. She is the only candidate who can run this country, period – I hope New Yorkers support her. I’m disappointed and a bit surprised that my state (WA) gave the win to Bernie.


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