Archive | March 23, 2016


I have a ton of pics to put up on Facebook from this weekend, (over 300) and they went and closed my favourite morning stop to do it before work. The Mc Donalds across from work had really fast wifi so I would go in and have a cup of tea and a Cinnamon Bundt cake and upload a crap load of pics. While I was out on disability they decided to remodel so it’s a no go and Starbucks across from work in the other direction is insane in the morning especially their parking lot. Even the cops drive crazy in and out of there , the CHP office is about a block away.

So uploading those pics is going to have to wait because by the time I get home I’m wiped. Today is the first day I haven’t had ibuprofen for breakfast. So far so good but it’s probably coming soon since it’s also the first day since I split the incision that I didn’t butterfly it shut. The skin is getting sensitive to the tape.

On to higher things, I thought I’d give a list of the Iseums and Lyceums we had at our celebration. Lyceum and Iseum of the Nubian Moon, Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum, Iseum Isis Shanti Bhavan, Iseum/Lyceum of Isis Pelagia, Iseum/Lyceum of the Living Muse, Iseum Vox Alethia, Iseum/Lyceum of Isis Paedusis, Iseum of BunniHoTep, Hazelwood Grove, and we also had Harvest Moonworks and Nature’s Path.

I’m still floating on the energy which is good because my body still isn’t getting with the program. Body not really happy but my spirit is.
I got a shock during the program because a dear friend who was one of my first students ages ago and whom I dearly adore, publically thanked me during her speech for the 40th. Knock me down. Way to reduce someone who is up to give her speech soon into a puddle. I certainly didn’t expect it or ask for it. I’ve known her so long. She got me to join a pirate guild at Faire. I’ve been at her ordination and her wedding on the beach and at her husband’s ordination. She is one bright shiny loving person and I’m honoured to know her and Steven, her husband.

The gathering was full of people I love and who apparently love me back. What a great way to spend the day.