Invisible disabilities suck

Having a deaf day today and it’s driving me nuts. Had a meeting with my boss and I asked if I could send my team a web page with an explanation of Meniere’s disease (or syndrome as they are starting to call it) and she said no, I shouldn’t have to share my medical condition. Which leaves me with assholes thinking I’m faking when I hear sometimes and not others. Arggh!. Having an invisible condition is really annoying and frustrating. Having a disabilty that is episodic is worse. I feel sometimes I should wear a sign like lepers used to do and ring a bell so people know I have a disability that can’t be seen.

So many people have disabilities that don’t show, probably more than the ones that show and leaves you constantly having to explain why you can or cannot do something that TABs can do and not think about it. Our population is aging rapidly and there are going to be more and more people in my boat but until the TABs get with the program, if they ever do, I got to keep rowing my own.

The disabled employee group about a year ago did reach out and offer to help me work at home because most deaf employees do but after 9 weeks at home with the cat, I fear I’d go slowly insane even with all the conference calls. And they don’t always tell you when they make changes in procedures and if you aren’t there it’s easy to get an error. And going deaf is isolating enough without working at home.

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  1. That pisses me off – she really said that you couldn’t explain your condition to your co-workers? That’s fucked up. Every office I’ve worked at did a fair job at informing employees of conditions that others might have, such as seizure disorders or the like. Expecting you to isolate yourself isn’t right or fair.

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    • It’s a healtcare insurance company that is hyper aware of HIPAA but since I’m the one with the condition and I’m the one doing it not someone else you would think it would be okay. She told me to tell them mind their own business and send them to her, which I guess protects me but I feel like I can’t stand up for myself

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