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May be TMI for some – A Quandary

I had thirty staples up my middle when the surgery was done and they bled and seeped after the surgery and were making a mess. So I decided the solution was to buy a sanitary pad and put it in they front my underwear. I didn’t want a dressing because I was afraid it would stick and hurt when I tried to take it off, there was only one problem… I hadn’t bought supplies in 20 years. Not since I got spayed.

So I took myself to Target, I didn’t tell the doctor I was driving but how else was I supposed to get there? Anyway, I stood there like an idiot because in the last 20 years the damn things had multiplied. There were so many different thicknesses that didn’t used to exist and before I got spayed I hadn’t bought anything but the size for rolling up the tanker truck and two of them at a time at that.

And the damn things all have different colours too. I now had total sympathy for my friend Al when he had his spinal bifida closed when we were in college and the Dr told him sanitary napkins were the best bandages to use. I’m so sorry we laughed at him. Karma is a bitch.

My sister laughed and laughed at me. I ended up with the tiniest pad I could find under my old brand, Always but damn. How does a kid ever know now what to buy?

Today’s reading



Seven of Arrows 

Ungrounded fears and confusion lead to instability and panic, self-torture through guilt or illusion and the need to deal with fragmented or rejected aspects of personality. 

…attacked by anxieties and nightmares, unable to see a clear way out as ungrounded. 

The solution is to protect one’s boundaries, call in warmth of support; the need for intense physical activity to help one to ground some of the panic.