Archive | March 9, 2016

Radical Feminism is Pro-Women

Who is alvah lyall?

Today a prominent feminist called me ‘trash’ and told me I was unwelcome on her public account because I stated that women who don’t believe males can be women deserve to be treated with respect.

Pretty much any time a woman says that males are not females or that being a woman is a physical reality and not a thought in a man’s head, there will be dozens of people lining up to attack, threaten, bully and abuse her, while accusing her of being violent and contributing to the death of trans people. I have seen it over and over and over.

It is absurd how so many feminists have been convinced that Radical Feminists are the enemy and believe that we hate trans people and ‘want to erase trans people from existence’.

The word TERF is a cure-all for silencing and discrediting any woman who understands that gender is not grounded in any physical…

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