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Flora MacDonald- Jacobite or not?

Culloden Battlefield

On the 5th March 1790 Flora MacDonald, probably the most famous woman of the ’45 Rising, died on the Isle of Skye at the age of 68. But how much do we know about this woman who is famous for helping Bonnie Prince Charlie escape?

When you mention the name Flora MacDonald people may immediately think she was a strong Jacobite supporter but this isn’t exactly true. Her story is one that has certainly been romanticised over the years creating a wonderful heroine but the facts are harder to pin down.

flora Flora MacDonald

In 1746 Flora was on the island of Uist as Prince Charles Edward Stuart attempted to evade capture following the defeat at Culloden. She was 24 years old when she was asked to help Charles escape and after a little hesitation she agreed. She managed to get a pass to travel from Uist to Skye from her…

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