I hate when this happens

Some Bible banger just found the post on Trudeau going to gay pride.
Told him I don’t believe in zombies  like Jesus or his god. So stupid.

I guess I’m just supposed to believe what he says because he quoted the Bible, Uh no!  And since I was raised Presbyterian I probably know it better than he does and his grammar was atrocious.

I hate being rude but the zombie line is fun. What else do you call someone who is buried for 3 days and rises again?

One thought on “I hate when this happens

  1. wow…never considered the zombie angle…life would be quite boring if we all believed the same…and no two “bible bangers” believe the same…I don’t believe the Bible is the best source of information on God and it’s possible Jesus was indeed some lowly cult leader…I have no clue, but the Bible has been translated many times…most often for some political gain…several denominations have their own versions and supplemental books…so to each his own…zombies huh?

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