Cranky pants rides again

Weird fact, the person who had my seat at work died of cervical cancer and then they gave me her seat when I was made permanent. If I was superstitious I wouldn’t want to be the next person in my seat.

I don’t ever remember a winter this cold, this early. If it gets cold here I usually isn’t until late January or February. December is usually warm until New Year’s day. We often get rain that last week and snow on the mountains behind us but not freezing temps. I’ve stayed out on the Rose Parade route many years and just wore a light coat or a sweatshirt. It’s literally been below freezing this week. It was 30 degrees at 7 am yesterday morning. If it gets to 30 degrees it’s sometime late in the wee hours and has warmed up by 7 am. Today it was only 40 degrees and I looked around the bus and the whole bus was wearing beanies and stocking caps and some had their hoods up over that. I’ve never seen that before, ever.

My sister and I had to scour the house for hats and gloves because we never use them. I ended up ordering a new beanie from Amazon. It’s pretty cool and it’s knit but has a fleece lining. It’s black with red Nordic stitching. Today I added red fleece gloves and a black scarf. 40 degrees is still butt cold and I do mean butt cold because you can’t sit on the stone bus benches or you get a really cold butt.


I’ve been having a battle with my eye doctor’s office which soon will not be my eye doctor’s office if I have anything to do with it. About 10 days ago I lost the left lens in my glasses. Good thing it was my good farsighted eye or I’d be blind without my glasses. So when my eye doctor opened last Monday I requested the prescription for my lens so I could go over to Lenscrafters and have it made. They didn’t bother to respond to me until yesterday and I had left at least 2 messages a day or spoken to the receptionist every day including when they closed Christmas Eve so they get a pass for that day but they had 3 days they could have responded to me and didn’t. It’s not like I was asking for my full medical record just a prescription that if they are computerized as the ACA act requires should have been quickly accessible. I got home to a message last night that it was time for my next appt. What part of I’m running around looking like a dork with no lens in my glasses is so terribly hard to understand and the fact that I can’t see??? I do not have time while they find sometime next month to see me and they are notorious for making you wait a minimum of an hour in their waiting room. They are also the only one of my doctor’s that doesn’t have a patient portal and you can’t access them by their website. So 20th century and not okay anymore. So I’m being evil. I left yet another bad review for them on Yelp. I filed a grievance with my employer who just also happens to be my healthcare carrier and I filed one with the IPA.

I give up, they finally sent it and the file is corrupted so I had to ask for them to send it again. I’m so done with these people.

I’m a regular cranky pants today.


Trying to remember to breathe…


And then kill


2 thoughts on “Cranky pants rides again

  1. I hate incompentents and incompetence…that office sounds like a nightmare. They sound like the type of people who could use a light, gentle tap on the head with a 30# sledgehammer.

    It’s very cold! Frost on the grass here every morning – at least the clear nights make it easier to see the moon and stars, but the cloud cover keeps the warmth in. It was 48 degrees here a few days ago…now it’s barely getting above 35 during the day, and will be like this for the rest of the week.

    Grab a mallet and crush some faces – after breathing and getting centered, of course!

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    • Hee, I finally got it and lencrafters only had single vision lens so now I have one trifocal and one single vision lens. I haven’t had single vision lens since I was 4 when I got my first paid of bifocals. The good thing is as of 01012016 I’m eligible for a new paid anyway because my vision plan runs on calendar year not when you got your last paid or I would be screwed.

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