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    This is only my 3rd political post on my blog & those of you who know me outside of this arena know that I am a very left-leaning, (all) people-loving and very vociferous woman for the rights of all. All but those who believe the right to KILL is more important than the right to live in Dignity!
    So, yes, I will say it, there is a large group of idiots out there that are willing to believe everything that gets shoved in their face, despite KNOWING that FOX News is classified as Entertainment JUST SO THEY CAN LIE!
    And they call us obamamats!
    Peace, love & justice for all (esp. the selfish!)
    P.S. I wouldn’t support the Dems so much if someone would complain about the war-making machine! Instead it’s all stupid, made-up lies!

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