3 thoughts on “It wasn’t that long ago

  1. Very true. My dad is a WWII and Korean War veteran – he has some fascinating memories about his service, and experienced much. It wasn’t that long ago, at all…and here we are, in 2015, bombing the crap out of yet another country.
    Will we ever learn?

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    • Evidently not, my dad wouldn’t talk about his WWII experiences very much excpet funny stories and the same with most of the men of his generation. He had a friend that was at the Battle of the Bulge and just refused to talk about anything about the war and became a minister after the war.

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  2. It was only yesterday the world was stunned by another atrocity carried out on American soil by people the USA had trained then abandoned. Will we ever learn from the folly of the past that war is never a solution? Conflict is sometimes justified but never in itself can it be a means to an end. Don’t let Daesh terrorise us into forgetting our humanity. We may be fighting another oppressor 70-odd years after defeating the last nut job who wanted world domination but not all Germans were Nazis as not all Muslims are terrorists.


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