Responding to Proselytizing, Remixed

bay witch musings

holiday-season-pictureIts that time of year where many of us with other religious perspectives are inundated with proselytizing…as such, I thought I’d bring back and update some thoughts about how to respond to these events.

It is a simple fact that a few religions believe in proselytizing, particularly certain Christian denominations. It is also a simple (though annoying) fact that most of these people believe that they are doing you a favor (and doing themselves a favor) by informing you of their faith and its benefits (and often how they feel your beliefs are inferior). Therefore, the idea that (at least any time soon) we are ever going to convince (those) Christians to stop the oh-so annoying practice of proselytizing, is naught by folly. This leaves us with the generally unpleasant (but sometimes not) task of figuring out what our response should be.  And the often difficult task of keeping it…

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