“Gingerbread” Salt Dough Ornaments

Brooklyn Homemaker

When I was young my mom came up with an idea for my sister and I to make homemade christmas gifts without spending a lot of money. She made up a batch of dough, we rolled it out, and cut out cute Christmas shapes with cookie cutters. This wasn’t cookie dough though, it was salt dough. At the time I didn’t know the name of it, or even what was in it, but I knew we weren’t supposed to eat it. I can only imagine how hard that was for me at seven years old.   Salt dough is very simple to make, basically just flour, salt and water, and when you bake it it becomes very hard and will last forever if you keep it dry and clean.

"gingerbread" salt dough ornaments | Brooklyn Homemaker

Before we baked our “cookies”, we poked holes in the tops of each shape with a straw. After they came out…

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