As the stomach churns- all on high alert now

Yesterday I met with the obgyn because of what they said was on the MRI. Usually I get a copy of the reports but not this time. I wish they had because I might have been more prepared for the news. There will be no biopsy. They are going straight to surgery.

As I watched the obgyn read the reports which they had not bothered to forward to her and she got them while I sat there, she was getting more and more alarmed and she started to show them to me and underline things in the reports that should have sent up red flags before now. I like her a lot and it turns out that her obgyn is the obgyn/oncologist that did my hysterectomy in 1996.

I have a 13cm tumour, that’s big because 1cm = .39 inches. So over 5 inches. She said because it was solid that it was more likely to be cancer. She sent me straight downstairs for 3 blood tests that are for ovarian cancer markers. She also says she is going to shove through the referral to see an oncologist that she really likes. She recommended two that she liked operating with. She didn’t want to take something out without the oncologist since they would probably have go back in again if it was cancer. Both them are at Huntington Memorial and one is also with USC Medical School, all really good recommendations.

So now I see the oncologist and they will schedule surgery. Looks like my zipper will get another workout.

I’m having rapidly changing emotions but mostly I’m mad. For a year and a half I’ve gotten pats on the head and basically been told, take Imodium and maybe it will go away but I knew something was wrong and badly wrong. What if I was the kind of person that blindly did what doctors told me? I still would have a tumour and no clue about it. Ovarian cancer is really hard to diagnose but this is ridiculous. Every specialist seems only to be able to see their part of body. I would be royally screwed if I hadn’t kept pushing and saying something was wrong and it still may be too late. Women, if you know something is wrong, do not allow a doctor to ignore you, push until you know what is wrong.

9 thoughts on “As the stomach churns- all on high alert now

  1. I’m with you on being mad as well…I despise it when some physician essentially pats us on the head and says, “There there dear, you’re just hysterical over nothing…”
    That sucks.
    *HUGS* and healing thoughts…

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  2. It’s a good thing you kept on demanding answers, and it’s a perfectly valid reason to be angry. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all of this. Healing thoughts to you.

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  3. Sadly your story of benign neglect by doctors is more common than you might think. Note to all women (or men): if you think something is wrong, mercilessly hound your doctors to do the right tests to find out what is going on.

    I am glad that action is being taken at last.

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