I’ve gone to the Dark Side

First world problems

I have been seduced to the Dark Side. In all my years at work I have never had anything to do with any work coffee maker until now. Because of having remodeled the building and adding a break room to all the floors that has all the accoutrements of a real kitchen and café seating. They took all the dept small refrigerators and in dept coffee makers away two weeks ago and made each dept buy a new safety approved machine. Our dept bought a Keurig 2.0. I’m doomed.

When I went up north last weekend D bought a new one on sale at Fred Meyers and things like hot cocoa and tea to use in it. I got hooked on the damn stuff. Before I could safely ignore the machines at work and make my tea every morning while others lined up to make offerings to the shrine of the goddess Caffeina.

But I came home and went on Amazon and saw the choice in k cups. I’m doomed, doomed I say. I now have a box of that excellent cocoa, a large box of Twinings English Breakfast and a box of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and because it was 37 degrees on the walk to the bus and I still haven’t thawed out, it may be lunch.

I never thought I would use it since the disposable cups aren’t great for recycling but it sure is a lot less likely for me to make a mess at my desk. At home I will stick to loose leaf or tea bags and cans of soup but for work it seems a better choice and harder to be invaded by the bugs we sometimes get here.