Really??? The hardest thing about being a woman is deciding what to wear?????

I’m having a really hard time with the concept of the “hardest thing about being a woman is deciding what to wear”. At the moment I’m waiting for an MRI to be done next Tuesday to see if I have ovarian cancer or some other demon lurking in my feminine regions.

I’m sorry a transwoman can call themselves a woman but without the equipment that defines our sex and our health concerns, without the socialization and the discrimination that is so engrained that many of us never notice it until it’s too late, it’s really hard to take seriously.

They will never know the fun of lying on the bathroom floor passing clots and cramping so badly it makes you puke.

They will never know the fun of having to have an emergency hysterectomy because you have fibroids that are about to turn your bladder necrotic.

They will never know the fun of being the last kid to get her period when all her friends are talking about Aunt Flo from Redlands.

They will never know the fun of your body surprising you at high altitude when you don’t have “supplies”.

They will never have the pleasure of losing friends to ovarian or uterine cancer because there were no symptoms until it was too late or watching them go through chemo and the trauma of the decision to shave their head or watch the hair fall out in hunks on the bathroom floor.

They will never know the pain of finally telling someone that the man next door molested them when they were 6 because they were a girl.

They will not know the fear of simply walking down a dark street from the time they were little. That only comes when they decide to wear a dress.

A woman is a woman all the time and does not have the pleasure of deciding to be a man at work and then go home to put on his wig and dress and be a woman for a few hours. She wakes up a woman and is a woman 24/7 not when she chooses.
A woman knows the fear of being in a room with someone they know is bigger and stronger and not knowing if they can get away or wondering if they will have to break someone’s foot or hurt them to get away.

A woman can’t pee standing up unless she wants to make a colossal mess.

I still remember not being allowed to wear pants in school or at church. I remember having to wear a hat and gloves to church. I remember not having a choice about what I wore because I was a girl. I remember being fitted for a girdle in 7th grade even though I weighed 56lbs because girls wore foundation garments and stockings. I remember my gym partner having to wear bandaids under her 40 DD bra in 7th grade when my dad was still saying I was two peas on a washboard and I got to wear an undershirt. I remember having to stop wearing that undershirt. I remember being sent to charm school against my will to learn to walk like a lady and to “float” up and down stairs.

So, yes, I have a problem with the worst problem about being a woman is what to wear.

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      • he knows he’s not a woman, it’s just what he has to say to keep his social status. If he said he’s an autogynephile living the dream of taking his cross dressing to the next level and forcing the public to participate in non consensual role playing, people might get a bit squicked.

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  1. In my own journey, the hardest part of being a woman is being told in your mid 20s that your body was not built to biological standards and while you have the proper parts they don’t function properly and you’ll never carry a child. Then, you need injections and pills and surgery to bring your body up to standard to carry a child. Then, you have to be cut across your abdomen and disemboweled twice to bring both of your miracles into existence.

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  2. … And those are just issues of Western women! Then there’s the Middle Eastern countries wherein a lot of the time girls are forced to have their C removed “because doing so will ensure she’ll be chaste and not cheat on her husband”, no matter that they could die from shock or the terrible hygiene of the room in which this is done. Or, where women can be stoned to death just for not covering themselves head to foot!

    Then there’s the history of what being a woman is like, how women had to fight for their rights in Western countries, and farther East how they could be sold to husbands or used as pawns if they were princesses, how in China as little girls their feet were broken and bound, could be sold to pay off the debts of their parents…

    I’m sure I’ve even missed some things, but hell yeah the hardest thing about being a woman is ALL of these, and everything in the comments and what you wrote yourself, and “what to wear” is one of the least difficult of them, ever.

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  3. What I hate most is how women are essentially reduced to faceless body parts and assigned flavours based on our skin tone or cultural background…like we are mere prey to be consumed, used, and thrown away.

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  4. I hear you, loud and clear. But to say that makes us all transphobic … Our experiences of our female youth do not count … The worst about being a woman is – not being seen as a person first and a woman later.

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