From Coming Forth by Day

“Let me stand in light, bathe in light, clothe myself in light. Let me sit in the lap of Gods and hear words of comfort….Let my spirit be stronger today than it was yesterday, my heart more peaceful, my mind more fertile, my hands more gentle. Let Gods touch my face. Let me go forth shining. Let my feet know the way. Let me walk and pass through fire…Let me pass undeterred into Heaven.”

Awakening Osiris – Normandi Ellis

I love this book. Normandi has done a wonderful job of translating the Egyptian Book of the Dead or the Book of Coming Forth By Day as the Egyptians called it . I have it in physical book but I think before I go north I’m going to get the Kindle version. I love the highlighting you can do on Kindle and you can find things easier than thumbing through the book trying to find something you read before.

This book can be so comforting, when my brother died the Hieromum sent me the Hymn to Osiris and I was asked to read something at my brother’s funeral up north and after introducing myself because I knew very few people there, I heard whispering, evidently my brother had outed me as a witch at some point. So I introduced myself as a Priestess and I read the Hymn. For the rest of the gathering afterwards Cam’s friends had to come up and talk to the WITCH. It was mostly gay men at his funeral and the funeral was in an Episcopal church so I was out of my element. Somehow I became a curiosity to all these gay men. The last thing I wanted or expected at his Funeral but I’m still glad that is what I chose to read and I’m not sure how I even got through it to read it except that they were mostly strangers. It was all they could talk about on their Livejournals afterwards too which was pretty funny.