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QotD: “my exclusion proves this is an anti-feminist crusade”

Anti-Porn Feminists

he campus craze of banning outspoken women from university events and debates across the country is such a gift to the misogynistic “men’s rights” movement, that if I were a conspiracy theorist I would be insisting this is a global plot to end women’s liberation.

Lies and smears against radical feminists and allies who name male violence as the key way in which we are oppressed are nothing new. We are labelled prudes and “pearl clutchers”, slurs previously bandied about by men defending their right to rape.

At a talk I did earlier this year on feminism, several students turned up to hear me, with one telling me a heartbreaking story about being cast out by her feminist group because she was a “terf” (trans exclusionary radical feminist) and a “swerf” (sex worker exclusionary radical feminist). Her crime had been to circulate an article I had written about the disgracefully…

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