As the stomach churns or today’s installment of the medical drama

I had my ct scan and ultrasound on Saturday and now I have to wait 2 business days for the results, Such fun but at least they were after the Mercury Retrograde. The effects of that are still hanging around though since you have to have a blood test for kidney failure 48 hours after and they didn’t send the orders for it. So I wait…

We went to the Pasadena Humane Society after getting breakfast. Lots of kitties but none of them felt like the “Right”one so we came home empty handed. The rest of the weekend Ali’s kitty was all over me. I don’t know whether she is trying to say she wants to be an only kitty or if she is trying to comfort me but I miss having my own kitty.


Okay, got the results back. CT scan – I have “stable” nodules but I have to have another CT scan in 3 months. Ultrasound – They found a mass near or on my bladder so I am now scheduled to have an MRI to get a better look. I hate MRIs. This will be my 11th. I was never claustrophobic until number 4 after that all bets are off.

More blood tests scheduled for tomorrow at 7 am. I feel like a pincushion but then I think of my friend, Mary whose veins are now like paper and I know it’s not that bad. I just hate it.

So the medical drama continues

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  1. I’m sorry to read your going through so much at once – sometimes when it rains it pours. I hope everything works out well for you and thank you for your humorous posts! I share a lot of them on my FB and people love them – especially the Star Wars stuff lol. Hang in there!

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