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Three week til’ take off

I just booked my next trip to Portland for Samhain weekend. I haven’t been able to go since my sister lost her job so it’s my first trip since May. Last year we went every two months. Every time I go I wonder if it’s the last time I will see Mary alive. I can’t imagine how hard for Denise, her wife.

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it many more times. ALS is the most evil disease I can think of. You are trapped in your own body and until it starts to wind down aware of the losses that occur daily. Loss of breath, of speech, of movement, of the ability to eat, loss of all the simple freedoms that we don’t think about like scratching your nose when you have an itch.

Mary has now been in ICU almost 7 months. I can’t imagine the torture of lying on your back all day and unable to do anything. I would have checked out by now. I’m not that brave.

So some of the Grove will get to celebrate Samhain together. I look forward to seeing  fall in the woods of Oregon and being with my beloved Grove sister. Di will be down here taking her sons trick or treating but we will be thinking of her all the time.