Eleven Inane and Insulting Anti-abortion Arguments (and How I Shed the Shamers)


Eyeroll memeIf recent right-wing insanity has driven you over the edge and you’ve decided to tell the world that you think Planned Parenthood is a good place or abortion care is a good thing (or even decided to share a personal story), you will need to get prepared for the muck that’s likely to get slung your way. Fortunately, once you move beyond your inner circle of people who matter, much of what flies through the air will be ignorant comments and insults from people who don’t. As someone who is public about why I am pro-abortion, and about my own story, here are eleven lame shaming themes I’ve encountered, along with my responses.

  1. You should be against abortion because you exist.
    Example: How would you feel if your mother aborted you? (comment)

    How would I feel? I wouldn’t. Try this exercise: How would you feel if your mother had partnered up…

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