Anger still seethes

I remember the girl who sat across from me in sewing class in 7th grade

I remember how she disappeared amid a flurry of rumour

I remember her reappearance to the next school year, a year later

We knew where she went.

It was 1967. And we knew she had been swallowed up with no choice

By St Mary’s Home for Unwed Mothers

When she returned no one ever said a thing.

I remember the ones whose parents in 1970 and 1971

Who were out of school for “medical procedures” because their

Parents had enough money to pay for something that was

Not yet legal

I remember my very straight arrow mother choosing a differnet doctor because the Catholic

doctor in 1969 didn’t believe in abortion and my mom wanted that option

open to her daughters, legal or not.

I remember the friend who later told me about almost bleeding to death

From a back alley practitioner

I remember not once did any one say anything about the boys

who changed a girl’s life and bore no consequences

I remember marching in the pouring rain in 1986

Dressed in white, the largest protest march ever in LA

I remember being elated to be with so many like-minded women and some men

And coming around the corner in Century City to be confronted

By angry screaming men covered in blood and waving bloody baby dolls

And being beyond angry.

How dare they scream at women

How dare they try dictate what I do with my body?

How dare they condemn little girls who were barely out of babyhood themselves?

To being mothers or having to pretend the new baby was their sister and not theirs

How dare this history be repeated?

How dare they???

2 thoughts on “Anger still seethes

  1. The so-called “pro-lifers” disgust me beyond reason at times. I recall waiting for a bus in downtown Portland, OR, right near a restaurant and a hotel. Some person was driving a small lorry around, which had graphic pictures on the side, in full colour and of large size, of a dismembered foetus. I always have wondered: where the hell do those “pro-lifers” get those pictures?

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    • They create them because most aren’t what a fetus looks like at all. I saw one they were claiming was 6 months and it was quite clearly a baby doll because most fetuses at that stage still are covered in hair and have vestigial tails


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