As the Stomach churns – a TMI medical soap opera

The medical drama continues: As the stomach churns:

So far I have had an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, an ultrasound and a ct scan of the abdomen parasite testing, celiac testing, various blood testing and an ultrasound and they have all been “Within normal limits”. However, the ct scan showed nodules at the bottom of my lungs and 2 opacities on my bladder which could be cancer or my lost ovaries. Only I could have wandering ovaries.

But I did a bunch of research myself and found that excess bile can sometimes cause your system to go weewah, (my highly technical term for diarrhea lasting over a year) that problem isn’t supposed to continue very long after you have your gall bladder removed and it isn’t supposed to start 10 years after you have your gallbladder out but my doctor agreed to try the medication they use after gall bladder surgery for people whose gall bladders don’t get with the program after surgery, the stuff is a nasty powder that you have to mix with something.

The first batch I got, I had to take back because they sent me the stuff with aspartame because I’m diabetic but I’m a diabetic who is allergic to aspartame so they had to represcibe the one with sugar in it. I learned very quickly to mix it with orange juice and a lot of it. It recommends things like chicken noodle soup and only 2 ounces ( who makes 2 ounces of chicken soup?), it’s orange flavoured, so not going to make chicken orange soup. But wonder of wonders, it’s working. I can’t take it every day, I have to give my body a day off every 3 or 4 days or I have the opposite problem.

You have no idea how hard the last year has been. I couldn’t leave the house some days. I couldn’t take the bus for work. I couldn’t do a lot of events because I was afraid of having an “incident”. Going to my camp reunion and then going to the Spheres on Saturday was the first time I had ventured out in a year. I still live in fear that it will stop working but after all the testing coming up with nothing wrong with my digestive tract I had to figure something out because my poor doctor was stumped and he still has no clue why my body started to supersize bile production like it has. All I know is it did.

So now on the 26th a Saturday, so I won’t miss work, I “get” to have another ultrasound of my bladder and a chest ct scan. It would be pretty weird to have lung cancer since I’ve had less than whole pack of cigarettes in my whole life because friends used to take them away from me if I lit up when I was going to dyke bars. They said it looked like a baby was smoking so it didn’t make me look as cool as my young self thought it would. I’m not sure I ever even got to smoke a whole cigarette before they would get taken away. But I did grow up in LA smog so who knows and I, allegedly had a case of Valley Fever one year at camp, so who knows again, I sure don’t. I’m hoping it’s my lost wandering ovaries that have found a home on my bladder and not anything else. I know they had to rebuild that whole area during my emergency hysterectomy because the fibroids were choking my bladder shut as well as my intestines and invading other areas. What was supposed to last less than an hour lasted four and a half hours to repair the damage so again, who knows what my innards have gotten up to.

Anyway, I guess future medical episodes are on the way

Just for you, Cim. 🙂


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