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Meet Shrek – The Renegade Sheep That Avoided Shearing For Six Years By Hiding In A Cave

Prayer for a Fall morning

As I walk through the early morning I ask the blessing of the day

From the beauty of nature to surround me and protect me:

Softness of spider’s web

Flight of a hummingbird

Cry of a new born baby

Sunlight on liquidamber trees

Flexibility of tall grasses

Scold of a squirrel

Breezes from the east

Gaze of a watchful cat

Gatherings of clouds

Be with me all this day to twilight

To night and to dawn tomorrow.

A Prayer for Baalshamin

Stone of Destiny

There are madmen in the streets.

These men burn and loot the ancient temples, destroying the ancient symbols of belief.  The statues and engravings, the urns, the altars and even the great stone columns are toppled from their foundations.  History and tradition are rendered into broken fragments, reduced to dust.

There are madmen in the streets.

These men kidnap, and torture, and execute any who do not believe as they do.  The priests of the temple, the men of great learning, and those unfortunate women who do not dress with the proper modesty, of course they all must die, publicly, painfully, for such are the wages of sin.

There are madmen in the streets.

These men shout religious slogans while waving their weapons in the air, and still our leaders stand by, paying lip-service to their role as keepers of the peace.  With each new Emperor comes harsher decrees against…

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MRA’s On Abortion: She Needs To Be Destroyed and Kept as an Incubator


The Manosphere tends to be a haven for right wing Conservatives who want to control women. Dalrock wrote a post about abortion where he got enraged that a new study claimed 95% of women were psychologically happy after an abortion. This sent him off the deep end, quoting bible verses and generally being a dickhead. Dalrock says he’s a happily married father. I feel bad for the women in his life and I hope to hell he doesn’t have daughters.

The very title of his rant‘Punch Harder on Abortion’ has male violence written all over it.

‘The argument that abortion is a problem because it makes women sad is foolish.  What we should instead be pointing out is that our embrace of abortion has turned our women into monsters.’

He tells his audience that they should point out to everyone that women are happy after abortion, as if…

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