Archive | August 20, 2015

All the news that’s fit to print

Got a copy of the results of my ct scan. They only had the bottom of my lungs so that is why I have to have a full lung CT scan. There were 5 nodules in my lower lung, most are in the right lung and are either scarring or symptoms of a collapsed portion which might explain the sighing that my sister says I do, oh joy or it could be lung cancer in a non-smoker but my uncle did die of it so we wait.

There are two densities on or near my bladder and they now want to rule out bladder cancer or they could be my wandering ovaries. So not excited.

Oh and I show signs of splenomegaly, doesn’t that sound fun?

The dye didn’t get to my whole small intestine and stayed in my stomach so I’m still wondering about what may lurk there


Just got a call from my PCP who wants to go with an ultrasound of my nether regions first before the MRI. This just keep getting more and more fun.


I so want to go to this camp reunion next weekend but I hope my get up and go doesn’t get and went before it’s over.

The dye finally arrived after there was a huge bit of drama with our Saturday postal carrier. I was supposed to get three packages. One with the Rit Dye, one with some pens and colouring books and one with some silk dyes and extraneous items. I got a text at 3:01pm that my box of dyes had been delivered. They hadn’t been. So I met the carrier at the box when he got there at 4:26 PM. First he told me I didn’t have a package at all. Then he tried to give me a package for a person a cross and up the street. I told him wrong address but give me the ones I could see my name on. He swore those weren’t mine. I pointed out my name and my apt number and demanded he hand them over because by now I’m pissed and can’t decide whether he was a liar, a thief or just dumb as a brick and he swore he hadn’t any other packages.

So I contacted Amazon where I had placed the orders and they got dumb too and wanted to know what item was missing from the box. So I pointed out the entire box hadn’t been delivered even though I got a text saying it had been. Monday I called the Post Office and complained, They’re still investigating. Amazon got off the dime and re-sent the package with free one day shipping even though this time it came in 2 boxes and from 2 different shipping centers. Way to go Amazon, I sent them a thank you note last night. The post office 4 days later and not a word from them.


But we now have tons of dye in lots of fun colours both for kids, cotton stuff and silk paints for adults to play with. This weekend I hunt down beads and I wonder where my fishing line has gone?

I have a goal that I have every year. I want to get a good photo of our woodpeckers. I’ve gotten good pics of all the other various wildlife that I know I’ve seen at this camp but not the dog gone woodpeckers.


Today’s reading


The Greenwoman

This is a time of rich nurturing and protection, learning and initiation, a time of loving and fertile relationships, both on the human scale and with the universe. 

The Greenwoman mediates the sacred sovereignty of the Earth’s soul and can show the path to understanding of and communion with nature. But with this blessing comes responsibility. Remember this glorious, magnanimous and generous spirit can live through you, radiated by the sacred breath of life and given to others who need guidance and healing. 

Learn from the abundant and joyous spirit of the Earth and be at one with the world and your true self. 

The Greenwoman is she who blesses those that come through the gateway of life, with love, healing and protection. She is the spiritual and actual warmth of the midsummer sun, and gives the breath of life to nature, and the newly born. 

Wild roses, symbol of an open heart, flow from her. Round her neck is a gold torc, a symbol of her sovereignty as Empress. Her golden cup is of amber, a translucent resin often called the teardrops of the sun. 

The Greenwoman is also a tree in full leaf supporting many other species in its branches. She is abundance made manifest. 

The Sheila-na-gig is the gateway of life. The flame on her third eye burns with divine intelligence and inner wisdom. She is also the oracle , voicing the heart of the land. She is the empowered heart, at one with herself, independent, creative, loving, stable, abundant, nurturing herself and others.