The erasure of women

Jill Gertrude

This used to be science fiction. It used to be horror.

The Screwfly Solution (1977), Raccoona Sheldon, in which men wipe out women and the system nods approval.

Now it’s just the day to day: men destroying women. Butch women, non-gender-conforming women being simply erased.

Womyn, 2015: “We are the dead,” as Orwell wrote.

Is there no way to fight anymore?

I was thinking this morning that trans* activism is like MRSA. I think we lost the plot when the ERA didn’t pass. It’s like we didn’t take the full dose of antibiotics, we didn’t manage to eradicate the inequality, the misogyny, and those little remnants of it grew back over the next decades as a slightly different beast, a stronger beast, impervious to the reality of patriarchy. Impervious to consciousness raising. Impervious to all our old tools of battle.

(*If cis is the word, then I’m always going to…

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