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getting excited

Just spent a chunk of change on Arts & Crafts supplies for the reunion at the end of the month. I forgot how much fun it was to buy that stuff. A big box will arrive on Saturday, a bunch of colours of RIT dye, and rubber bands, Silk dye for adult arts and crafts, they have to provide the silk scarf because that is way beyond my budget. I also got a couple of new colouring books and some drawing pens because mine have dried out and I’m working on the illustrations for my new books.

I still have to get at least one cotton tshirt for me and some fishing line and then I have to go around the house corralling seed beads from various containers. I’m getting excited.

The colouring books are proper Druid colouring books for someone going to the forest. LOL!

Still working on writing the chapel outline. It’s a matter of “ooooh shiny” when it comes to appropriate themes.

I need to remember to go to the dollar store for bubbles, I always include bubbles. The Heiromum told me that I had a mandate to always include bubbles in any ritual I planned so I will. I miss her too much not to include a bit of her.


I think I’m going to melt, Weatherbug says it’s a 100 but feels like 108. After 100 degrees does it matter?


I was going to go to the cat adoptions at the Pasadena Humane Society because they are having $20 adoptions and they have a lot of cute kitties that need a forever home at the moment but not if it’s supposed to be 110 like they are predicting. I’ll be lucky if I get to the store.

If we have the AC on I may go hunting for all the seed beads to take to camp for the reunion. We’ll see.


Premio Dardos Award – what a nice thing to wake up to!


Premio Dardos means “prize darts” in Spanish and is given “in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.”

Wow! Thank you Kathy Mays for the award nomination, I blog because it’s fun and I like to teach and because I’m an opinionated old fart and not likely to change anytime soon. Kathy’s blog –

So my nominations are

  1. Ayslyn –
  2. ALi-
  3. Bay Witch –
  4. Dar –
  5.  Isadora –  A friend from FOI
  6. Marlyn –
  7. Blackrose –
  9. Tressabelle –
  11. Plastic Girl –
  14. Shaun –

I chose these people and there could have been many more. They challenge me, excite me, entertain me and make me think. Blessings!