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Men Vs Women Writers Infographic


Thought you might enjoy this infographic on men vs women writers, while I’m living it up in Maine!

MenvsWomen Writers infographic

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Arts and Crafts fun stuff

I’ve been colouring for years so it amuses me when all of a sudden it is the new “In” thing to do. So I thought I would give some advice from an old Arts and Crafts Director.

Buy good coloured pencils, they will last longer and in adult colouring books are much easier to colour with in small spaces. Crayons just do not work in small spaces much as we love the back to school scent of a box of new crayons. Markers do not last as long and can dry up especially if the humidity in your area is very low or some helpful child leaves the cap off.

I have a set of over 100 Prismacolour coloured pencils that are usually on sale at this time of year for back to school. I’m a coloured pencil/crayon fiend and the more colours I have the better. I also have a set that if they are wetted become water colours. Very fun. You will need a good sharpener. Several years ago I took illustration classes from a woman that used them for illustrations for books at a graphic arts convention. She had a lot of techniques that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Check out the local Adult Ed center at your community college. There really is an art to using them well.

To find oodles of inexpensive colouring books log on to Amazon. Dover has a whole line of colouring books that they are just starting to label adult but I’ve been getting Dover colouring books for over 30 years. Most are under $5 and are on so many different subjects that you ought to be able to find something interesting. I have several of their stained glass ones and nature ones and I just got one on Goddesses. There are 40 pages on Amazon. This doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. You can be all set up for under $10.

They are great for airports and layovers. Because the books are thin and box of coloured pencils don’t take up much room. I love the tarot deck I coloured I just wish Fiona still made them.

Whheee! I did a search and the deck is back in print for $21. I heartily recommend them. I really got into the meaning of the cards by choosing the colours and delving deeper into how they interacted with me.


I’m going to help teach A&C at our reunion this year. I’m bringing things mostly for the adults as well as volunteering to buy the dye for tie dye. The last few years I wasn’t really interested to doing anything with A&C I still had a certain amount of burn out. This time I’m bringing seed beads and fishing line so we can do some friendship bracelets and some special silk dyes for painting silk scarves. The mailman is going to hate me because I’m ordering all on Amazon. It’s really hard now to get pretty colours of RIt dye. It used to be in every supermarket now they have black if you are lucky. I’m ordering rainbow colours and some Hanes tshirts. You can get silk scarves from Michaels and Amazon. A lot of the art supply places have gone out of business the last few years.

I’m going to have fun ordering on payday.