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Some thoughts on Planned Parenthood funding

Biblebelt Witchy Mama

This past Wednesday, Congressional Democrats effectively stopped a bill that would strip PP of its government funding.

This is a huge win for women everywhere. Yet, it’s not getting the attention it deserves. At least, I’m not seeing it anywhere.

I was a patient at PP for 6 years, from age 17-22. I clearly remember, more than once, my step mom talking to someone, not knowing I was in earshot, and complaining about the extra cost of carrying an unnecessary dependent on her health plan. Before my parents split, my dad covered my insurance. That remained after they split. And when my dad remarried and left the corporate world, he went on his wife’s insurance. Per the divorce papers, so did I. I was covered bare minimally while they had Cadillac plans. My mom paid out of pocket for vision and dental. So when I became of age to be…

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