Huckabee, in utero personhood, and unintended consequences

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Have personhood advocates really thought this through?

Raw Story posts: Mike Huckabee’s bizarre fetal personhood proposal would criminalize miscarriages

Thought experiment time.

Given: zygote through fetus is a legal person.

For a legal perspective, wouldn’t said person necessarily be “incapacitated” for all practical intents and purposes, thus not competent?

Aside from all the other considerations mentioned in the article, upon becoming aware that she is carrying a legally incompetent person, would the woman have to go to court to petition for guardianship?

If the woman isn’t granted guardianship, on what grounds should she be denied that role? Who else should the court consider qualified for the role?

If granted such guardianship, and the person is currently situated in a non-viable ectopic pregnancy, or is determined to have a life threatening, possibly incredibly painful neurological deformity, such as anancephaly, would the woman then be able to make legal determinations pertaining to wishes…

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