I bloody hate migraines but I hate bureaucracies worse

I get migraines but most of the time they are under good control and I haven’t had a really bad one in a long time until Tuesday. Some helpful Hannah maintenance man decided to replace all the missing bulbs on our floor Monday night and has been causing misery in at least 4 migraine suffers so far.

Tuesday morning I took 800mg ibuprofen and it did Jack Squat so then I took Maxalt which I hate to take. I couldn’t remember why I hated it until I took it because it had been awhile. It made me too dizzy to get up and walk but it did take the edge off but I still ended up sitting with my dark glasses on at work looking like an idiot. I couldn’t go home because I had taken the bus for the first time in a month and a half and I knew there was no way I could ride the bus in bright sunlight. When I finally went home I made my sister meet the bus and walk me home because I was afraid I’d be really dizzy and take a header.

So today I put a ticket in with Facilities to have them come take at least one of the bulbs out. Some bonehead in Facilities told me I had to get my doctor to sign off on the removal so I reported it to my boss. Turns out my manager and one of the analysts had already filed the paperwork for removal of their bulbs, so they had to come and do it, they removed one of the fluorescent bulbs an hour ago and it’s so much better. The one he left is behind my chair and my eye can’t read the flicker that fluorescent bulbs put out. Sweet relief.

I got one really had at camp and because I knew camp really well blindfolded myself with a bandana until nightfall. Freaked people out that I was walking around not seeing over streams and the edges of cliffs but hey, the blind kid learned how to walk without seeing a long time ago.

People who don’t get them just have no clue what a migraine is like but a fellow migraine sufferer knows what misery is.

10 thoughts on “I bloody hate migraines but I hate bureaucracies worse

  1. Try two shots of espresso. Works like a charm for me, without the side effects of Imitrex (which also works, and fast, by inhalation). Gotta do it as soon as you know you have a migraine coming on. 🙂


  2. I don’t get migraines, but I have family and friends who do…the look on their faces was as if a vise was clamped on their head and slowly squeezing. Dark, silent rooms seemed to help ease the pain somewhat, but sometimes they would be incapacitated for two days straight. No fun at all.
    Glad you’re feeling better.

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