Archive | July 23, 2015

TMI – more fun medical drama

I get to have another kind of RotoRootering. I’m so excited…NOT! I have to have an enterographic ct scan which seems to involve being shot full of dye according to my doctor and then having my small intestines smile for the camera. I haven’t had a ct scan since I rolled my car three times in 1996 so he said the effects of that are gone. I didn’t know they hung around for so long but I guess they do. And since the brain and my intestines are fairly far apart we should be okay. Hopefully it’s feet first.

So I may not need a nightlight not that I ever use one, for that night. Now I just have to wait for the authorization and we schedule it.

I like to use the phrase “I get to” rather than I have to because my mind is about to melt from all these procedures and no answer. It’s a way to try to stay positive. The doctor called me an enigma since we’ve ruled everything out already and I still have symptoms. I spent most of yesterday running to the can instead of working. I keep telling my boss I need to set up a laptop in the disabled stall of the bathroom. What fun.