More medical drama – sigh…

I have to get a new PCP (primary care physician) because the old one I had just broken in was in a car accident and retired. She was younger than me. So I had a new appt with the one that is supposed to replace her. I need to find another one.

I don’t know if she was stupid or prejudiced for some reason or what but I filed a complaint. She asked me once if I drank and I said “no”. A little while later she asked me again. She was so busy asking questions she obviously wasn’t listening but she asked me again if I drank. Then I got mad. I think she may have asked again but by then I was so mad I couldn’t hear.

Then because I have worked in healthcare insurance for over 30 years and we now have access online to our patient record including any notes they make during the visit, I went online to look at my record and I find she has written I “deny” using alcohol. For the record I do not drink. I haven’t had more than a few swallows of anything alcoholic in over 40 years and when I did it was for cough medicine because I’m allergic to codeine. I haven’t drunk anything really since a day in college when a bunch of us upstanding ASB officers at my college were having a birthday celebration and someone dared me to chug a bunch of white wine. That was fine until about 4 hours later when I started vomiting massive amounts of blood. Kind of takes the fun out of it and I have been the designated driver ever since. As I have gotten older being around people who get drunk has become even less fun because I tolerate stupidity less and less and drunk people get stupid very quickly.

It probably doesn’t help that I was raised in a mostly Scottish family that was a teatotaling bunch of Presbyterians. The church was dry as a bone. My grandmother joined to Christian Temperance Union in 1895 at the age of 5 before they left Canada. And she never touched another drop and she was 86 when she died. My parents only had wine because everyone is allergic to codeine and Mom found that 2 sips of wine helped when you had a cough and couldn’t have cough medicine. This created a problem when my little sister had a bad cough and mom forced her to drink two swallows. My sister had a fit and several months later when Mom got a cough she found that the wine was so old it had turned to vinegar. My sister is 51 and hasn’t had a drop of wine since.

There seem to be two kinds of Scots that I know. Ones that drink and can drink a lot and those that refuse to touch it and even though I no longer am a Presbyterian I don’t think drinking is a fun and harmless activity and I like not pickling my brain.

The fact that she used the word “deny” to me implies she did not believe me. I was a Worker’s Comp Hearing Rep for many years and when the word “deny” is used in court or a deposition it means there is doubt about what the person says and it can’t be verified. Since my A1C test was normal, I would think that would be evidence that I do not drink. Alcohol is a sugar and diabetics really shouldn’t drink. If I had been drinking my A1C would have been elevated and it was lower. (A1C tests what your sugar levels have averaged over 3 months.)

I got voicemails from 2 different people last night from my IPA (physicians group) wanting to talk about my complaint. This should be interesting.


Just got a call from the Lead Physician, weird title that. He wanted to hear my side of the story and he agreed that asking 3 times if I drank was a bit out of line, so we’ll see what happens but I still think I need a different PCP

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