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The madness of authors

Druid Life

There are, in all fairness, a great many ways in which people who attempt to earn a living by writing are a touch insane. This is just one facet. While I’m drawing heavily on personal experience, I’ve also watched a lot of other creative people do similar things.

You write a book, and into that book you pour your love and ideals, your beliefs, values and hopes. You try to make it the very best thing you have ever done. It could take a year of using up much of your spare time. It could take more. If you’ve made it and are a professional, it could be your day job for months, or longer.

While you’re writing it you are thinking about the people who want to read it and don’t know yet. Who they are, what they need from you, and how you can answer them. Most authors…

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Tamsin grows up Part 10

The finger slowed and the witch opened her hand and Tamsin landed on the witch’s palm.

“Can you see me?” Tamsin asked.

The witch looked at her hand and Gus hovered closer in case he had to save Tamsin and give the witch a good sting.

“Can you see me?” Tamsin repeated. “Oh, please, please see me.” She pleaded.

The witch squinted at her hand and said, “I can hear you but you are awfully faint to see.”

Tamsin stomped her foot in frustration. “Owww!” yelled the witch.

“Try harder!” yelled Tamsin at the witch. “Can you see me?”

“I can see you!” the witch said excitedly. “But who are you and what are you?”

Tamsin stared at the witch. “Really? You don’t know what I am?”

“No,” breathed the witch and little fearfully.

“I’m Tamsin and I’m your garden faery.”

“But I don’t believe in faeries.” Tamsin sat down on the witch’s hand.

“But you’re a witch! You believe in magic. You have to believe in faeries. You just have to.” Tamsin pleaded.

The witch stopped a moment and looked at her beautiful May Day garden.

“You’re a faery and you are my garden faery?” The witch whispered.

“Yes!” Tamsin cried. “And you need to look around again and this time really SEE! They’ll die if you don’t.”