Tamsin grows up part 6

Tamsin thought that the Cat might as well have introduced himself if he was going to carry her in this undignified fashion. She was dangling rather precariously from the Cat’s mouth by the back of her dress’s straps. She had to say he had been very careful not to hurt her when he picked her up but that was about all she could say that was good about this mode of transport.

The Cat was covering more ground than they would have covered so it was a win as far as Tamsin was concerned. She could see farther than she could on the ground. She was the rare faery who liked to walk on the ground. She liked the way grass met over head like a huge green tunnel. She could have flown up high but that could be dangerous when big hawks were near. She wasn’t much bigger than a dragonfly and it could be scary up there.

But she felt quite safe here in the Cat’s mouth and she thought she could hear Gus behind the Cat, at least she hoped so.

The Cat was purring softly to itself as he lalopped along, “Well, someone was enjoying themselves.” She thought and she wondered how much farther they had to go.