Archive | July 15, 2015

Tamsin grows up Part 4

She marched along under tall strands of grass and looked up to see the rose bush in front of her. She could hear Gus somewhere behind her. She studied the bush carefully. She needed just the right thorn. She’d collected a straight stick while she was walking.
She saw just the right one if it would just break off the way she wanted.

She carefully climbed up the trunk of the rose bush around some really old thorns. She knew these thorns would be old and stiff. She needed newer less brittle thorn. She pulled herself up onto the lowest branch and tiptoed down the branch until she got to the thorn she wanted.

She grabbed it firmly and started to twist it to break it off. She could feel it start to move and she gave it a big push.

CRACK!!! Went the thorn and down she fell into a forest of clover. Smack! She landed flat on her back with her breath knocked out of her. She lay there pleased but winded. She had held onto her prize and hadn’t landed on it. She slowly got to her feet and went to get the stick she had left at the foot of the rose’s trunk. She collected a few supple pieces of grass too and walked back to her thorn. She picked up the thorn and fitted it into a natural groove in the stick and bound it around with her pieces of grass. It made very nice sort of but not quite ax. It would do. She looked around for Gus. He was dozing and humming in his sleep up on a rose leaf.

She decided she was going to surprise him. She crept up under the leaf and gave it a push with her stick. Gus tumbled through the air and righted himself just in time.

“That wasn’t very nice!”

“No. but it was funny.” Tamsin sat in the ground giggling.

Gus started to laugh too. He guessed she had forgiven him if she wanted to play tricks on him.

“Shall we go now? Morning’s a wasting and I’m hungry.” He rumbled.

“You’re always hungry.” Tamsin said with a smile. “But we can go now.”

The two friends headed off to the North because that seemed to be as good a direction as any.