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Tamsin grows up part 3

As Tamsin slid quickly down the stalk it occurred to her that she had better arm herself. Something longer than that nasty hummer’s bill. She thought she had seen a old neglected rose bush over in the far corner of the garden. So she slipped quickly through the grass in that direction with Gus bumbling behind her.

“Where are you going now?” He whispered.

“I’m going to get me some protection! That dirty bird is going to find out I’m not so nice if he comes after me again!”

“Are you sure that’s a good thing? Faeries are supposed to be nice.” Gus said worriedly.

“How am I supposed to protect myself or a garden? Say shoo? That didn’t work so well the last time and I have the perforations to prove it.” She pointed to her legs and skirt.

“Your mother never has to.” Gus said.

“August G. Bumbles, I have 40 sisters! She doesn’t have to protect anything. We all show up and whatever was nasty moves on. I’m all alone. I bet Mom has a nice sword or something hidden away some where. Are you going to help or not? ‘Cause if you’re not you can just go home!’ Tamsin stood with her hand on her hip, shaking a finger at the bumble bee.

“She must be really mad and upset.” He thought. She had never spoken to him like that before.

“I’ll be good.” He buzzed at her a little sadly. This might be a very long quest is she was going to be mad at him.

“You better be!” Tamsin took off again quickly. She was not going to argue with her friend. She knew he meant well. He just didn’t understand.

Today’s reading



Three of Wands 

Nourishment from a spiritual source that gives inner security and joy. Goals and desires reached, making life rich with emotional security and a sense of completion. 

… the blessing of fulfilment. The healing radiance of the afterglow created after a loving polaric interchange. 

This energised peace does not require another person, it can be achieved after an act of Creativity or Joy.