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A mystery

I was born far from the sea and yet as I grew I longed to see it and swim in it. My mother and grandparents had moved to the center of the country shortly before I was born and I had never seen it. All the time I was growing up I would beg to be let learn to swim but I was always told our family does not swim. When other kids in the neighborhood were taking swimming lessons I was not allowed to even go to the pool. My mother acted absolutely terrified every time I mentioned it an would start sobbing, “you’ll drown, you’ll drown.” Now I know she was lying.

The pull was just too strong and when I turned 18 last week I got in my car and started driving to the ocean. I didn’t tell them where I was going. I packed the car in the middle of the night and left. And now I stand here with my feet in the water and I know. They lied.

Drowning will be the least of my problems. And I have a choice and no idea what will happen if I enter the water because now I know what I am and I know I will never drown when I go in the water and I wonder at the grief my mother showed and I wonder if the faery stories I read in the library were true. I think they are.

For my feet are no longer feet while I stand here but have changed to a lovely soft grey fur and are fins. How could she do this to me? Why did she do this to me? And what do I do next? For I fear I am a selkie…

ERA: What Do the Stars Say??



I hope that you’ve found Diotima‘s astrological take on the conditions that set the stage for recent developments concerning health care, same-sex marriage, and an emphasis on eradicating racism as interesting as I have. My final question for her concerned the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), first introduced in 1923. Many of us believe that now is the time for a renewed push for ratification. I asked Diotima what Astrology could tell us about this effort. She replied:

Now, as for the ERA (the mere mention of which always elicits a deep sigh from me. I turned 20 the day it passed, and it felt like a birthday present — gave me such hope for the future. 43 years later….).

Anyway, to answer this question, I’m looking at the chart of the ERA’s becoming law — its “birthday” — March 22, 1972 4:38 pm. I’m also looking at transits…

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A prayer for friends

I thank the Goddess for friends

I ask that they be blessed everyday

I ask that the lessons they learn be gentle

I thank you for love

I ask that the ones that have passed on

Know that they were loved

I ask that those here know

That they have left their mark on my heart

Everyday and everywhere I go

I ask healing for those that need it

I ask strength for those who need it

I ask endurance for those who need it

I ask that I be open to friends I haven’t yet met

I ask that I not forget those

That are there quietly in the shadows

I thank you for the love in my life.

I thank for love in my life

I thank you for love.