The usual TMI health adventures

Okay, just got the results of my Chromagrannin A test that I had to wait 90 days for in follow up,  1-5 result is normal, 6 is maybe carcinoid syndrome, AKA Cancer, we have no idea where the fuck it might be. 90 days ago it was a 6, So I had to do a followup in case it was a false positive. I got my results today from the 90 day followup test and it’s a 5, which probably means more testing because this morning I’m still having (TMI) the runs. After a year with no diagnosis to why my nether regions think they have to double as a high pressure hose.

Last time I spoke with my Dr, he mentioned the intestinal MRI again. I hate MRI’s. I’ve had at least 10 and I wasn’t claustrophobic until about number 4? If I have to go again it better be feet first with drugs but I will do it if I can get an answer or we can stop this. I’m tired of planning my life around where the nearest bathroom is and can I get to it on time.

I’m tired to being sick, and I do mean that literally, I’m tired all the time. I find it ironic though that this regular purging has lowered my A1C numbers to within almost normal ranges and same with my liver numbers that used to be too high. No so good on my cholesterol numbers because I only care if something stays down or in at least for a little while so I’m eating anything since the alleged BRAT diet did Jack Squat. It doesn’t matter what I eat the result is the same but I did find another thing I can’t eat in the course of all this, soy. And the fun of that is that soy is being added to everything now because it’s in.

I have had a whole lot of testing in the last year and still no answer. I go to my new PCP tomorrow and then back to my gastro soon. I hate this. I should at least glow in the dark or leak from my veins by now.

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