QotD: “I freaked out because we’re supposed to identify as a gender, right?”

Anti-Porn Feminists

Anonymous asked: i think a lot of “dfab” people ID as nonbinary because transwomen claim that womanhood is an innate feeling, and most girls don’t have some sort of “girl feeling” so they have to say they’re nonbinary to avoid being accused of transmisogyny. also they can’t be trans men because trans men are THE WORST misogynists apparently.

yep yep yep i agree completely. especially because i was totally there once, cause i kept seeing trans women who were like “i’m a woman because i ~feel like one!!” and i was like well shit, i don’t really… feel… like a woman? and i was this close to ~identifying~ as nonbinary lmao

the moral of the story is we mustn’t let males define womanhood


Holy shit, revelation. This makes so much sense. For a time I went around questioning whether I was “really a woman”, because always on Tumblr I…

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