BunniHoTep and Ammit

For Steve Irwin and all the work he did for the ones who aren’t so pretty.

BunniHoTep and Ammit
Once upon a time BunniHotep was down by the Nile and she heard a whimpering sound. She started looking through the reeds and the papyrus and she couldn’t find the noise. She searched and she searched and the sound moved away from her. So she sat down and waited and sure enough the sound stood still.

“I would like to help this person,” she thought, “But they don’t seem to want to let me help I wonder why?”

“Hello?” she asked. “Do you need help?” She waited for an answer.

“You can’t help me, Go away!”

“Why?” BunniHoTep asked.

“Because I might hurt you.” the voice said. It was a deep feminine voice and it sounded sad.

“Why would you hurt me?” BunniHoTep asked.

“Because it’s what I do, I eat people’s hearts when they don’t pass Ma’at’s tests.

“But I’m a friend of Ma’at you can’t hurt me.” BunniHoTep said.

“Yes, but I’m ugly and no one wants to be my friend because I look so scary and because of my job.” The voice said. “I have to hide when I’m not working. Ma’at doesn’t even talk to me much.”

“Ma’at doesn’t talk to anybody much ,” BunniHoTep said, “Everyone needs a friend and you can’t be that bad to look at. We have crocodiles and hippos around here and they aren’t the best looking animals.”

BunniHoTep heard soft crying. “But I am part hippo and part crocodile.” The voice sobbed.

“Oh,” BunniHoTep said. “Well, if you don’t mind a rabbit for a friend, I’ll be your friend, I don’t care what you look like. And if Ma’at likes you why wouldn’t I?”

BunniHotep heard a rustling in the reeds and slowly a very large head appeared, “Okay, now that you’ve seen me do you still want to be my friend?”

“Are you a good person?” said BunniHotep.

“I think so,” the person said and BunniHotep had to admit she really wasn’t pretty.

“What’s your name? My name is BunniHoTep and my Temple is right over there. Would you like to have tea?”

“My name is Ammit and yes, I would like some tea.”

So the two new friends went off to the Temple and had tea and some lovely Temple offerings and had a good chat about all the latest news from the Valley of the Kings.

BunniHoTep thought about it later.” Good friends really can be all shapes and sizes can’t they?”

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