And the gay community continues putting men over women/lesbians

From Christopher Street West AKA LA Gay Pride’s website:

“This year, LA PRIDE brings back its free Friday night celebration ‘Lavender Menace’ which combines a community celebration of women with activism honoring Lesbians who have paved the way for today’s TLGB community and celebrating with the ones who will change tomorrow. Before the show kicks into full gear, LA PRIDE is proud to present the WeHo Dyke March in conjunction with the City Of West Hollywood and the Lesbian Visibility Committee, where attendees can honor, march and then celebrate the accomplishments of the Lesbian community. The annual Dyke March starts inside the Festival and moves its way into the streets of West Hollywood, down Santa Monica Blvd and then returns back to the Festival to celebrate. “

Okay just got this from this year’s Christopher Street West AKA the LA Gay Pride website. When the F*** did the T come first???? On a day honouring lesbians??? Is this just another example of gay organizations putting men first? And heterosexual men at that?  I’m totally disgusted.

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