we had a few oopsies but that was part of growing up

One summer night we were having an all neighborhood game of Freeze tag across several yards. This was sometime in the mid or late 60s and there were probably at least 10 or 12 kids running around. The yard I was in at the moment had those green and blue spotlights that they used to put in gardens and I lost my balance between a flower bed and the grass. I remember thinking the green light looked really cool as I put my hand down to try and cushion the landing. It wasn’t. My hand quite literally was melting and running water and luckily Mrs. F was looking out her kitchen window about 10 feet away.

The next thing I remember was flying behind her like a kite on a string as she ran back to her kitchen and shoved my arm up to my shoulder into the freezer while yelling at my brother to get my mom or dad.

It was about 3 days before school started and the whole palm of my right hand was one big blister so I went back to school with an enormous cushioning bandage. Ah shucks, I couldn’t write the first week of school that fall.

I learned a valuable lesson, just because it looks cool doesn’t mean it is. That and bandages like that are a pain in the butt in the bathroom.