Jenner’s country club is for rich men only

Gender Is War

Celebrity digression: In which Jenner discovers the reality of discrimination against women. Any bets on the reaction?

From TMZ:

Bruce Jenner became a member of Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA 15 years ago. He golfed there almost every day and established close relationships with his golfing buddies, including Wayne Gretzky. It’s a very exclusive, ritzy club with an initiation cost set at $225,000.

But now that Bruce is Caitlyn, there’s a new set of rules that segregate her from the male members.

For starters, the main dining room and bar are male only. They’re actually attached to the men’s locker room and women are not allowed. The women’s restaurant is way more scaled down … in other words, not nearly as nice.

Our Sherwood sources say the board will enforce the rules, which means the camaraderie Bruce shared with the other members will be greatly…

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