Happy Birthday to me, not so much

Today is my 61st birthday and it’s smack in a Mercury Retrograde, oh joy! I rarely have a good retrograde and last night it hit full bore. Our landlady claims we are missing a half a month’s rent. We aren’t and if we were she would have been on our doorstep yelling at us. The owner who isn’t the manager/landlady says it’s missing. She is crazy. When I asked when this missing half month rent was? Sometime in the last 4 years and we have to come up with it or start eviction proceedings, as of this month we have lived there 14 years and the owner is the cheapest person you will ever meet.

When we needed a new stove she replaced it with one that when you cleaned the marks on the dials came off, the first time it was cleaned. The blinds in the south window melted about 15 years ago and she has never replaced them. And she wants more money. ARGHHHHH!

And my intestines are on one of their rampages and the cancer retesting isn’t til the 22nd.

I wouldn’t mind being old if I felt well.

Anyway, Happy birthday to me, I hate Mercury Retrograde!

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