Are Religious Reasons Okay Reasons for Boys Refusing to Play with Girls?


Soccer ball on grassWhen I first saw the headline for this story, “Don’t Want to Play Soccer with Girls? You Lose,” I didn’t know about the religious angle. I thought it was just plain old sexism.

Then I wanted to compare it to the MRA reactions to the new Mad Max: Fury Road.  Mainly I wanted to do that because I thought the film was awesome and the men’s groups were silly.  I quite literally thought, much like the headline above, that in calling for the boycott of the film (for being too feminist in depicting strong women, especially Furiosa, and having a woman-centred theme and the message “we are not things”), it was the men who would miss who would lose.

But the soccer story turned out to be slightly more complicated than that. It was a Muslim boys’ team who refused to play another team because it had two girls…

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