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Waters of Life
Ace of Cups

The waters of life retain the ancient wisdom ready for reawakening. The moonlit pool of the universal soul retains all memory, ready to renew the inspired quest.

…one receives new inspiration from ancestral wisdom.

The ice of winter melts with a renewal of inspiration, and one is emotionally awakened. Sensuality returns.

QotD: It’s more accurately called “having a personality”

Anti-Porn Feminists

So are you saying that nonbinary isn’t a valid gender?

I think that it’s more accurately called “having a personality”.

What is gender? Like, really now, what is it?

It’s a set of predetermined, socially constructed behaviours and roles assigned to members of a certain sex.

Very, very few people ascribe exclusively to their gender roles.

For example:

I love red lipstick, fit’n’flare dresses and high heels. These are coded as “feminine” in gender.

However, I ALSO love science, astrobiology, aviation technology and combat arts – all “masculine” behaviours.

Am I non-binary? Am I gender-queer?

Hardly. It just means I’m an individual with wide and varied tastes and interests – like everyone else on the planet.

I think gender is toxic and I don’t understand why, instead of accepting that fact and working to get away from it, they just make a billion new genders as though that’ll help.


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