30 Days of Devotion – Brighid Day 27

27. Worst misconception about this deity that you have encountered

Okay, this one has me stumped. I can’t think of one other than the Maiden, Mother Crone thing that I have talked about at length before and still gets me hot under the collar. For the record, Brighid is a triple function goddess NOT a Maiden, Mother, Crone goddess, NO Celtic goddess is, so drop it.

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  1. I actually have to disagree with you on that hun. Brigit has many stories. In some she is the maiden of spring. And she also had children was therefore a mother. And in some stories the Cailleach drinks from a well and becomes the spring maiden, equating her with a Crone aspect. This led to her name as the Two-faced One, because half of her face is young and beautiful with the other is old and aged, although it is sometimes described as being simply beautiful and ugly simultaneously with no age description added. It simply makes sense to think that as the spring maiden who brings new life, she would nurture and raise new life. Just like her Haitian manifestation as the Loa spirit Maman Brigitte. Maman Brigitte is essentially the queen of the dead, who blesses the graves and ushers us to the other side, giving her an aspect over death as well as new life. She who leans over every cradle, mourns at every grave ❤


    • That’s a basic misunderstanding of how the Gaelic goddesses work. The Maiden, mother, crone construct is a Diana concept. Yes, Brighid may have some stories that indicate age but they are not universal to her. Her functions define her just like the Morrigan is defined by her function. Persephone and Demeter or the North are maiden, mother or crone but Brighid is not. Nor the Morrigan or the tres Madras another Celtic triad. Brighid follows the Celtic triad concept which is unique to the culture.


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