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30 Days of Devotion – Brighid Day 27

27. Worst misconception about this deity that you have encountered

Okay, this one has me stumped. I can’t think of one other than the Maiden, Mother Crone thing that I have talked about at length before and still gets me hot under the collar. For the record, Brighid is a triple function goddess NOT a Maiden, Mother, Crone goddess, NO Celtic goddess is, so drop it.

How the Christian Sex Cult Keeps Electing Men Who Abuse Sex and What the Shortage of Lions in Ancient Rome Has Wrought



So it turns out that (assuming allegations are true) Republican Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House and champion of “family values” has been paying large sums of blackmail in order to keep a former male student from revealing that Hastert had a “sexual relationship” with they young man. By now, it’s not even surprising when one or another Republican who got votes and/or prominence by championing “family values” and/or by hating on women, QLTBG people, etc. turns out to have been engaged in the very behavior they declaimed. Josh Duggar. Catholic priests. Larry Craig. Mark Sanford. David Vitter. The list goes on and on.

And one wonders how conservative xian voters can continue to support these people. How can they not realize that they’re being taken as rubes, fed a line of bullshit by people who mouth platitudes but don’t for a moment intend to…

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