5 thoughts on “Creationism Banned From Science Classes By Scottish Government | IFLScience

  1. I dunno, I went to a Presbyterian school and we were taught both evo and creationism (somewhat confusing that). Also, not all schools in Scotland are Kirk…

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    • True, we were taught that science could exist along with the Bible and that only an idiot would think that days were actually days, that one day was really an eon and were were United Presbyterian which was the main Presbyterian body in the US and we had a lot of Scottish born Sunday School teachers and elders. And they were really strict, They shut down a Halloween party once because it had dancing and it was being run by one of the youth ministers who was present,

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  2. Ah, that’s very similar to mine! We got told the Creation story was God’s way of telling an important truth to people who didn’t understand science yet. Also no dancing but Scottish country dancing 😀 which is fairly grim.


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